The Athletic Scholarship Myth

Why Year Round Youth Sports Is a Prescription for Failure...

The Athletic Scholarship Myth

About The Book

In his latest book, The Athletic Scholarship Myth, Dr. Robert Berry explains why year-round youth sport programs are a prescription for your young athlete’s failure. You’ll learn how to allow your child to be a kid and enjoy sports, instead of seeing it as a job with the hope of a future scholarship, which statistically will never come. The book educates you on why year-round youth sports are a prescription for failure and why sports specialization is so dangerous.

As a top Dallas orthopedic surgeon also trained in sports medicine, who has spent a career taking care of athletes of all ages, shapes, and sizes, Dr. Berry has seen an epidemic of injuries in young athletes over the last several years. He feels it’s time for someone to be a champion and to step up for the young athletes—our children—and educate them on what is really going on when they play sports year-round and why we are seeing such a rampant increase in preventable injuries that often have lifelong ramifications.

If you’re one of those parents who say they want what is best for their children, but aren’t sure of the balance between pushing your child further and allowing them to be a kid, then The Athletic Scholarship Myth is for you.