Uncover the real you.

Safely lose weight and get back in the game of life.

Has your weight gain kept you on thesidelinesof life?

You’ve built a life full of people and pursuits you enjoy. Not being your ideal weight however has a way of keeping you from participating and enjoying what you love to do, with the people that matter most to you. You should be out there playing that extra round of golf, getting that invite to the next tennis game, or anticipating that special event next month. Instead, you’re often left feeling isolated, frustrated by your lack of energy, prone to injury, and let down by your body. Leaving the people who care about you worried about your longevity. Reluctant to be seen in that dress or suit for that next event.

Your ideal weight is the real you. Let’s work together to help you get your inside self, back outside.

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Let's get you out of this pickle and back to having a ball.

You’ve spent a lifetime carrying for others. Now it’s time to focus on taking care of your health, fitness, and freedom of movement so you can uncover the man or woman you truly are. You shouldn’t have to avoid that beach vacation and cruise because of how you look. Or feel let down and constantly injured from the extra weight of your dad, or mom bod. You know you’ve still got it. You just need to get back to your ideal weight. We get it, and we believe you. Better yet, we believe in the process. We’ve seen thousands of people get their lives back under the care of our experienced, caring team.

Rosalind Poe
Rosalind Poe
March 13, 2024
Dr. beer gave me a shot and I didn’t fill it very kind. Doctor excellent bedside manner.
Krystal Russell
Krystal Russell
March 12, 2024
Dr. Berry was great and very helpful and friendly. The staff was amazing too!
March 4, 2024
I recently had an appointment with James Fredrickson, physical therapist for my bulging lumbar discs and pinched nerve. He spent so much time with me and gave me the proper exercises to help alleviate my pain and heal my injury. He’s very knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy!
Thomas Boykin
Thomas Boykin
December 23, 2023
Dr. Berry was able to see me on the Saturday before Christmas, when I could find no other orthopedic doctor in DFW to see me before January to evaluate my broken right humerus. He was very knowledgeable, created a succinct action plan, gave me sage advice to heal quickly and correctly. He was also very compassionate, unlike the ER doctor I had seen (which had refused to provide opioid pain medicine for my immense pain and had incorrectly provided me a regimen of NSAID anti-inflammatory medicine which could cause great harm to my condition). I would STRONGLY recommend Dr. Berry and his staff for any orthopedic or sports injury needs. I truly believe he is the best in DFW.
Zach Parrish
Zach Parrish
July 19, 2023
Great doctor, team and location to have them so close to the house! Everyone was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

Youdon'thave to walk this weight loss journey alone.

We have successfully treated tens of thousands of patients who have gotten back their lives. With a history of caring for professional athletes and people who make their living with their bodies, we’ve earned the trust and expertise to care well for everyone. We treat everyone the same, pro or not because everyone deserves to be treated as a pro.

That’s why we’ve created a medically supervised weight loss program that incorporates medications when appropriate, diet, and an exercise plan to help you safely lose weight. Start your weight loss journey today.

Step 1

Schedule an appointment

Step inside and meet with one of our providers. We want to know your struggles and what you’re not able to do or enjoy, so we can truly understand you.

Step 2

Receive a custom weight loss plan

Formulate a custom, medically supervised, weight loss plan for you to incorporate medications when appropriate, diet, and exercise program with a team that is going to support you on your journey.

Step 3

Uncover the real you

Get back to your ideal weight, regain your energy for life, reduce your joint pain, reclaim your performance, fit back into the outfits you want and the life you enjoy.

“For every pound of weight lost, it takes 5-7 pounds of force off your joints. Joint and muscular pain is often a symptom of not being at your ideal height-to-weight ratio or BMI.”

- Dr. Berry

Stop feeling held back by your weight.

Reveal the real you.