Feel like a man again.

Gain back your Strength, Energy and Stamina.

Tired too quickly? Can't find thatdriveyou once had?

You go hard. You’re a doer. A high performer. In life, business, and on the course or court. What was once easy for you however is taking more energy than you’d like. You get tired faster. You live with greater fatigue. It takes you days longer to recover. You have to bow out of an extra round of golf or a game of pickleball. The energy drinks and creatine are not working as well as they used to. Things aren’t as effortless as they once were in the bedroom. Not only is it hurting your relationships, it’s holding you back. Back from being there as the father, husband, or man you want to be at work or on the court. Low Testosterone can leave you feeling a lack of control over what’s happening to your drive and angry over your limitations.

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Get yourfollow-throughback.

Fatigue shouldn’t sabotage your enjoyment and performance in life. Stop letting a lack of stamina keep you going to bed earlier or leaving the court too soon. You’re not far off from showing up in life, with the energy you need to engage your family and keep up on the course with friends. Low Testosterone is not your fault. It has a way of sneaking up slowly on the best of us. But you don’t have to live resigned to it. Even better, there’s something you can do about it. It’s more normal and common than you think. It’s just that no one is talking about it. Here we do, and we have the training and understanding to do something about it.

Rosalind Poe
Rosalind Poe
March 13, 2024
Dr. beer gave me a shot and I didn’t fill it very kind. Doctor excellent bedside manner.
Krystal Russell
Krystal Russell
March 12, 2024
Dr. Berry was great and very helpful and friendly. The staff was amazing too!
March 4, 2024
I recently had an appointment with James Fredrickson, physical therapist for my bulging lumbar discs and pinched nerve. He spent so much time with me and gave me the proper exercises to help alleviate my pain and heal my injury. He’s very knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy!
Thomas Boykin
Thomas Boykin
December 23, 2023
Dr. Berry was able to see me on the Saturday before Christmas, when I could find no other orthopedic doctor in DFW to see me before January to evaluate my broken right humerus. He was very knowledgeable, created a succinct action plan, gave me sage advice to heal quickly and correctly. He was also very compassionate, unlike the ER doctor I had seen (which had refused to provide opioid pain medicine for my immense pain and had incorrectly provided me a regimen of NSAID anti-inflammatory medicine which could cause great harm to my condition). I would STRONGLY recommend Dr. Berry and his staff for any orthopedic or sports injury needs. I truly believe he is the best in DFW.
Zach Parrish
Zach Parrish
July 19, 2023
Great doctor, team and location to have them so close to the house! Everyone was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

Stage yourcomeback.

For life, relationships, and performance. We work with thousands of patients to help them get their lives back and uncover who they really are, and we can help you too in an attainable, discreet way. Conquer back your energy and vitality like you come back on the court. Instead of short-spurt energy drinks, recover long-lasting energy from within. Our providers help you get the right fuel and movement for your body and treat the root so you can feel strong and capable again. The journey back to increase your drive for life is straightforward and doable. We’ll make it discreet, and create an entire wellness plan to help you in a whole-body way.

Step 1

Schedule an appointment

Come in and see us. Meet with one of our providers so we can understand what’s been holding you back in life and what you feel limited by so we can truly understand you.

Step 2

Receive your performance plan

Formulate a custom, medically supervised, performance plan for you to incorporate medications when appropriate, diet, and exercise program with a team that will support you on your journey to get your strength and energy back.

Step 3

Feel like a man again

Regain the energy and strength you once had to make it through the day, compete at a level others respect, develop muscle mass your wife notices, and be dependable and available for your family.

Grab life by the horns again.

Stop missing out on life and start living fully with strength, energy, and stamina.