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At SPORT Orthopedics + Physical Therapy, our team of orthopedic specialists is dedicated to providing exceptional care from the beginning of your treatment to the end. Patients who suffer orthopedic injuries often endure considerable pain. Orthopedic pain can originate from many causes, including a bad car accident, total knee replacement surgery, sports injuries, and more. Regardless of how you sustained your injury, the professionals at our Wylie physical therapy clinic are here for you.

Depending on your specific needs, our physical therapists will evaluate your injury and develop a personalized treatment and exercise program that targets your problem areas. We will also customize each of your physical therapy sessions to help you recover as efficiently as possible. To schedule an appointment with one of our providers, please call our office at 469-200-2832 today.

Wylie Physical Therapy

Orthopedic Physical Therapies

Most orthopedic injuries and conditions respond well to conservative treatment, and physical therapy is typically an important part of the recovery process. In addition to surgical treatments and procedures, SPORT offers on-site physical therapy for numerous orthopedic conditions:

Wylie TX Physical Therapy Clinic

At our newest clinic location in Wylie TX, we offer affordable orthopedic and physical therapy services. Our orthopedic doctors work closely with our physical therapists when developing your personalized treatment plan. We also have imaging available on-site, so all of your needs will be met in one centralized location.

If you need orthopedic urgent care in Wylie TX, we can do that, too. Instead of going to a regular urgent care facility for your orthopedic injury, we can provide better orthopedic care with much shorter wait times. You’ll be in good hands, as all of our doctors are board-certified orthopedic surgeons. Whether your injury requires surgical or non-surgical intervention, our caring and compassionate staff has you covered.

What Can Physical Therapy Do for You?

Physical therapy (PT) is a highly effective way to diagnose and treat many conditions, as well as help patients recover from surgery. The main goal of PT is to improve the mobility, range of motion, and quality of life of a patient. However, there are many other amazing benefits of physical therapy, including the following.

Expert physical therapy

If you live with chronic pain, physical therapy can often help manage your pain, which reduces the need for opioids and other strong medications. Whether your pain comes from an injury or from a condition like arthritis, your physical therapist can develop a plan to reduce your pain over time. Some people may feel results after their first round of physical therapy, while others may not feel them until after their third round or later. Physical therapy is a gradual and gentle process that aims for results over time, which is why attending every appointment is so important.

Physical therapy isn’t limited to patients who have recently suffered an injury or trauma. It can also be a form of preventative medicine. For example, older patients often have physical therapy to build the strength and balance they need to get around more easily. This can help reduce the risk of falls and fall injuries.

Many patients want to avoid surgery for as long as possible, as the recovery is long and painful. If a condition or injury is treated with physical therapy early enough, this may be what a patient needs to delay surgery or avoid it altogether. Sprains, strains, and some fractures may not require surgery, but many of them do require physical therapy.

Best Wylie Physical Therapists

At SPORT, our physical therapists have doctoral degrees and advanced training in cutting-edge therapy techniques to help manage your pain and hasten your recovery. In addition to hands-on manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, cold therapy, heat therapy, and ultrasound therapy, we offer:

process-arrow ACL Tear Prevention Program process-arrow Massage Therapy
process-arrow Post Operative Rehabilitation process-arrow *Dry Needling
process-arrow Balance & Gait Training process-arrow *Graston® Technique

*Dry Needling (technique used to release or inactivate trigger points to relieve pain or improve range of motion)

*Graston Technique (manual therapy using stainless steel instruments for soft tissue mobilization)


James Fredrickson, DPT

James Fredrickson graduated with his doctorate in Physical Therapy from Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia in 2017. James has treated a diverse range of clinical conditions and specializes in outpatient orthopedics. He has excellent manual skills and was certified in Bowstring Manual Therapy from Body Reform in Beverly Hills, California. In addition to manual therapy he has a strong background in therapeutic exercise. He incorporates his background in professional ballet into his prescribed movement based therapy. James brings his passion for movement into the clinic when treating patients of all ages and backgrounds.


Richard C Pietersz, PT, MS, OCS

Richard obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 1990 and had started pursuing graduate work in Psychology. But while working within a clinical transitional living center for head injured adults he experienced the progress patients made with physical therapy and decided to make an educational shift to help people with physical injuries and disabilities. At that time Richard started his physical therapy training graduating with his Master of Science in Physical therapy in 1994 from Texas Women’s University.

Why Choose SPORT for Your Physical Therapist?

Each of our SPORT Orthopedics + Physical Therapy facilities is equipped with only the best in orthopedic technologies. Not only that, but we also aspire to make our clinics as convenient and friendly as possible for patients. Below, we outline some of the benefits that we provide to our patients.

  • No referrals: When you have an orthopedic injury or condition that needs treating, we won’t refer you out to another doctor for treatment. Because we are the orthopedic experts, we’ll handle all diagnoses and treatments from our facility.
  • Lower costs: When compared to the average Wylie emergency room, our clinic is much more affordable. We also offer transparent cash pricing options, and we accept many forms of insurance.
  • Cleaner environment: Our offices are also extremely clean and sterile at all times. Many urgent care centers and emergency rooms can’t promise the cleanest environment, which can lead to patients spreading their illnesses. At SPORT, you won’t have to worry about that.
  • Short wait times: Because we only treat patients with orthopedic injuries, your wait time won’t be extended by patients with unrelated conditions, like a cold or flu.
  • Full-service clinic: Unlike many orthopedic clinics, we provide imaging tests, surgeries, non-surgical treatments, and physical therapy all in one location. This not only simplifies your care, but it ensures that you work with the same compassionate team throughout your treatment.

Contact SPORT Orthopedics + Physical Therapy Today

If you are struggling with your orthopedic injury, or with a painful condition, the professionals at SPORT Orthopedics + Physical Therapy are here for you. Our talented staff is ready to assist you through your recovery journey and get you back in the game. To schedule an appointment with one of our providers, please call our office at 469-200-2832 today.

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