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anesthesia risks

What Are the Risks of General Anesthesia?

The development of anesthetics for surgical procedures was a great medical advancement. It allows surgical procedures to be conducted in a humane, controlled, and comfortable …

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knee feels tight when bending

Why Your Knee Feels Tight When Bending

A common complaint about the knees is tightness and stiffness. Injury, mechanical difficulties, or physical pressures on your knees, such as extra weight, can all …

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can you walk with a torn ACL

Can You Walk With a Torn ACL?

Athletes are no stranger to ACL tears, unfortunately. Because of their fast and sometimes unpredictable movements, it’s more likely that they will experience an ACL …

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Hip Labral Tear Test

What is a Hip Labral Tear Test?

Unfortunately, about 1 in 4 American adults suffer from chronic joint pain related to arthritis every year. That breaks down to about 15 million people …

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tennis elbow from lifting weights

Can You Get Tennis Elbow From Lifting Weights?

Elbow pain shouldn’t be a regular occurrence while lifting weights. It’s important to not only identify the source of your pain, but also to treat …

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wall angels

What Is the Wall Angels Exercise?

At a desk and in front of a computer. This is where many people spend hours at a time in today’s world. As people shift …

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