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can neck pain cause headaches

Can Neck Pain Cause Headaches?

Headaches are one of the most common conditions that hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people suffer every day. In fact, approximately 75% of …

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is heat or ice better for back pain

Is Heat or Ice Better for Back Pain?

Back pain is a very common issue many people have. Minor back injuries can happen during everyday activities. Things like gardening, athletic activities, or lifting …

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how to get rid of corns on feet

How to Get Rid of Corns on Feet

What Are Corns? In this blog, we cover how to get rid of corns on feet. You likely have corns on your feet if you …

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what does ACL stand for

What Does ACL Stand For?

ACL injuries are one of the most devastating and common sports injuries today. But what does ACL stand for? The anterior cruciate ligament is known …

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scapular retraction

Scapular Retraction and Scapular Protraction Exercises

The shoulder blades are a highly important part of the human body, as they allow us to perform some of the simplest movements, such as …

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what is D1

What Is D1 Sports Training?

In case you have never tried D1 Sports Training, you’ll soon realize that this is different from anything else you’ve done. D1 is short for …

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