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graston technique

What Is the Graston Technique in Physical Therapy?

The Graston Technique, a unique and innovative form of manual therapy, has emerged as ...
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rotator cuff surgery recovery timeline

Rotator Cuff Surgery Recovery Timeline

When patients decide to undergo rotator cuff surgery, it makes sense that they want ...
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how to relieve rotator cuff pain at night

How to Relieve Rotator Cuff Pain at Night

Dealing with rotator cuff pain can be a significant challenge, especially when it prevents ...
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how do i know if my knee injury is serious

How Do I Know if My Knee Injury Is Serious?

Is Your Knee Injury Serious? Imagine that you’re out for your morning run, playing ...
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heel pain in the morning

Why Do I Have Heel Pain in the Morning?

Table of Contents Do You Suffer from Morning Heel Pain? If you’re waking up ...
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shoulder pain diagnosis chart

Shoulder Pain Diagnosis Chart

Table of Contents When someone has pain in a specific part of their shoulder, ...
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